I asked Chat GPT to write me a profile, and it said my occupation was a Food Enthusiast...l’ll take that. ( About all it got right, and I tried a prompt to weed my garden. That didn’t work either. 🤦‍♂️)

I thought I should write a little piece for all the newbie followers about who the Hungry gardener is.

 Fabian Capomolla

I wasn't always a gardener, but I was always into the garden. My Italian heritage meant that my grandparents instilled a passion for food,  as they grew much of it themselves to maintain ties with their culture and save some money.

It wasn't until Jack, my son, was born, that I left a high-paying advertising sales career to pursue my passion for growing food, much to Beck's my wife's horror.   At that time, I  co-founded a gardening business called the Little Veggie Patch Co.   Doing my time there I got to do some great things: open a nursery in East St Kilda, establish a community garden in Federation Square, write a couple of gardening books, and even appear as a guest presenter on Channel Ten's Livingroom.  It was a very busy time, where I learned a lot about running a business and managing life.

Little Veggie Patch Co Books

I moved on from that business to create the Hungry Gardener, which is really about living a sustainable lifestyle without all the pretentious words and preconceived stereotypes that are associated with it.   I have always really wanted to showcase that you don't have to be a long-haired hippie with a man bun to grow your own food.   ( mind you, I would probably have a man bun if it wasn't for my southern italian genes)  The truth is growing food is about finding enjoyment in the process. Always be growing, always be learning. 

Growing your own food in your backyard is not about being self-sufficient. It's about subsidising your grocery bill and adding something to your plate every single day. 

That being said, I share a lot of content free online, however, I need to subsidise that with general garden maintenance to supplement my lifestyle.  

If you require any garden work, please consider me and send me a DM.

Also,  I'm always looking to grow, am open to new opportunities, and want to do cool stuff.   Stay Hungry!"