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The Hungry Gardener

A Veggie Patch School - FREE course on Instagram

A Veggie Patch School - FREE course on Instagram

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Welcome to the Veggie Patch School.  This course is designed to help you build a successful vegetable garden from the ground up, all on Instagram. 

The following topics will be covered in this course content. 

The Soil - From the Ground Up

In this module, we will cover everything you need to know about soil to get started. We will discuss what soil is, soil pH, and how to make your own compost. We will also dive into worm farms and how they can help you create healthy soil.

The Space - Creating Your Patch

In this module, we will help you understand your space and create a patch that suits your needs. We will discuss double digging and no-dig gardening, raised garden beds, and growing in pots or wicking beds.

The Plants - Grow Something

In this module, we will help you choose the right plants to grow in your garden. We will discuss what to plant, seedlings, seeds, cuttings, and companion planting.

The Growing - Care and Maintenance

In this module, we will cover the basics of caring for your veggie patch. We will discuss watering, shade, feeding, mulching, weeding, and the tools you will need to keep your garden healthy.

The Harvest

In this module, we will discuss seed saving, crop rotation, and how to harvest and store your vegetables. We will also share some of our favourite recipes for cooking with your harvest.

The Pests

In this module, we will cover common garden pests and how to deal with them. We will discuss remedies and good bugs to help you keep your garden healthy.


Because what good is growing the food if you cant eat it?  This section contains some easy recipes that you can make from home grown produce. 

As well as Video presentations delivered on a private page on instagram @veggiepatchschool

Join us on Instagram to learn more about creating your own veggie patch!

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